In another world.

Let me run away
into the dark woods,
Let me stop for a while,
where the firs and
birches stood.

Let me sit down,
under a starlit sky.
Or lie down
on the greens,
where a river flows by,
let me hide in
the mountains or
with birds fly high.

Take me where the
chirps wake me up,
and the cool breeze
luls me to sleep.
I am far too tired and
the wounds run deep.


In this big,bad world!

I hold on to my pillow tighter,
I curl up on my bed.
I do not want to wake up
and walk among the dead.

Dead is the world I tread
Dead are the people that i meet.
Dead are their emotions
Only crowded are the streets.

I get lost in a sea of faces
Each face wears a different mask.
Why can I not trust you
is a question I  always ask.

Dark is the world I live in,
Dark are the minds around me.
Dark are their thoughts
and I simply do not fit in.

Everyday is a war
Every moment a fight.
I will still hold on,
Till I find light.

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