The night,You and me.

I know you’re sound asleep

I know you’re lost in dreams,

But how I wish to wake you up

and kiss you on your lips.


The night keeps me awake

and I fight my loneliness,

How I wish you were here

in my moments of distress.


Little insecurities

burst out like bubbles,

My love for you

is the cause of all trouble.


You’ve caged me forever,

my heart is slave to your charms.

I just want to wake up

and find me in your arms.


Of dreams and desires.

Every breath is hot,

the eyes burn,

the hands tremble,

the body revolts,

I’m taken to a state

where illusions become reality.



And I realize that you exist

every where,

in my dreams,

in my desires,

in my illusions

and also in my reality.



I want to turn and

find you right next to me.

Waiting for me to wake up,

To take me in your arms.

And whisper,

‘Everything is going to be fine.’


Its the same bed,

the same walls,

the same window sill.

the same sky outside.

Only you aren’t there.


I look out of the window,

stars beaming at me,

I smile at them and they tell me,

even dreams become reality.


Where is Peace?

Oh!Don’t draw the curtains,

Don’t let the light in,

I would lie down a lil’ more
And be in my dreams.
Don’t drag me out,
the light blinds me.
I would rather embrace the dark,
where no one would find me.
Oh! put that noise down
lest it deafens me.
Give me some silence,
in peace let me be.
What is this crowd?
How can music be so loud?
Can I run away far,
so that I am no longer found?

Mama,I wanna come home.

Mama,I’m in love,

I feel alive again.

I smile for no reason

and sense a change

in my life’s season.



Mama, he is nice

I will tell you about him next time I’m home.



Mama,I’ll be with him soon,

This chance seems

so much like a boon.

I have made the perfect plan,

I want to be my best,

to God’s will I leave the rest.


Mama, I’m all excited,

I can’t wait to tell you all when I’m home.


Mama, we met

We embraced and made love

without a word being spoken.

My heart missed a beat,

when I looked up at him,

As I held him close and tight,

I wanted to stop time with

all my might.



Mama I’ve confused emotions now

I don’t know what to tell you when I’m home.



Mama, the walls are crouching on me,

the white crumpled sheets,

remind me of the day before.

I have nothing to do but to wait,

the curtains are huge but

they do not hide my shame.



Mama, I’m all bruised

And I just wanna come home.

Mama,Will you still let me in?

Cheers to YOU!

Its winter,
its chilly.
Lovers tug at each other
Child hugs mother ,

Sitting in a lonely corner ,
I say Cheers to YOU!

Festive mood,
Party time,
Food n wine,

Sitting in a quiet corner
I say Cheers to YOU!

Colourful ribbons,
Gift boxes,
Greeting cards,
Warm Wishes,

Sitting in a dark corner
I say Cheers To YOU!

Warm hugs,
Sensuous kisses,
Locking hands,
Feathery touches,

Sitting in some corner
I say cheers to YOU!

YOU ,my loneliness!



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I am.

I am sad
although I’ve no reason to be.

I am lost
although the path is in front of me.

I am blind
although my eyes are wide open.

I am hopeful
although I’ve been beaten.

I am waiting
although time has run out.

I am all ears
although there is no sound.

I am in pain
although there is no wound.

I am torn
although you wont see the shreds.

I am alone
although there is crowd around.

I am mute
although there’s a lot I wanna say.

I am empty
although i have you in my heart.

I am me,although I am still finding myself.

Our Story.

To me
You’re like that big banyan tree,
giving me shade and shelter,
caressing me
with your cool breeze,
and loving me
with all your might!

To me
You’re like that big banyan tree.
To me
You are strength.
To me
You  are all powerful .
And so at times
when a passing wind
ruffles even a few of your leaves,
I shudder,I crouch
with an unknown fear.

To me
You’re  like that big banyan tree.
Many a passer by
has seen me sitting with you,
telling you my tales,
just as i would
to a friend of my age .
They have wondered
about our unique friendship ,
rumored ,
made little stories.
But we still sit together
chatting away ,
like two united souls,
‘cos to me
You’re like that big banyan tree.



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