The night,You and me.

I know you’re sound asleep

I know you’re lost in dreams,

But how I wish to wake you up

and kiss you on your lips.


The night keeps me awake

and I fight my loneliness,

How I wish you were here

in my moments of distress.


Little insecurities

burst out like bubbles,

My love for you

is the cause of all trouble.


You’ve caged me forever,

my heart is slave to your charms.

I just want to wake up

and find me in your arms.



The moment stood for me
when we re-discovered each other.
When you held me close to you,
As our cab whizzed past
through the dark lonely streets.
When people slept peacefully,
we gave parting kisses,
made promises to meet soon,
consoled ourselves
and hoped..

I am now  left with sceptism ,
I want to know who graces your evenings,
My eyebrows wrinkle at your unannounced absences,
I try to observe the pattern of our conversations,
I smile at your jokes.
I tell our story to my mates ,
gravely look at them for opinions .
I promise myself that I wont expect
Don’t I know they bring only pain?!

Few more days
and another spell of togetherness.
I wonder how you would be,
I wonder whether you would smell the same ,
I wonder whether i will still be warm,
I wonder what it will be like ,
I wonder what we will make it out to be !

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