And one day I’ll be gone
just like that..
and you would no longer find me
where you last saw me standing..

I’ll be gone to a new place.
new relations, new faces..
and I would no longer hear you,
even if you call me.

The sun will rise for you everyday,
the birds would still be singing,
Only I won’t be there,
to answer your longing.

I know you’ll look for me everywhere,
I know you’ll set your eyes at the door,
but baby I’ll be gone far away,
even my remains wont be washed up at the shore.

I was standing here all this while,
waiting for you to come and find me.
I had faith in the love,which
 I thought will bind you to me.

The heart just grows fonder,
and theres no stopping it.
And I cannot throw it away
as long as it is within me.

I can see you smiling from here,
ignorant of my pain.
I’ll be gone far away
when you finally look for me.


Where is Peace?

Oh!Don’t draw the curtains,

Don’t let the light in,

I would lie down a lil’ more
And be in my dreams.
Don’t drag me out,
the light blinds me.
I would rather embrace the dark,
where no one would find me.
Oh! put that noise down
lest it deafens me.
Give me some silence,
in peace let me be.
What is this crowd?
How can music be so loud?
Can I run away far,
so that I am no longer found?

Love that was lost.

I pass by your grave,

once in a while,

to keep a flower

or shed a silent tear.

‘cause here lies dead

Not you but my love!




Many a day has passed,

Many a page has turned,

Quite a few things  written,

And a few erased.

In the folds of my memory ,

lies dead ,not You ,

but my love !




There are faces around,

There are minds that surround,

There are eyes that speak,

In whispers very weak,

I talk ,I smile ,I chatter

And love all that matter,

The tears are now dry,

But I still sometimes cry ,

‘cause deep in my heart,

lies dead

Not you, but my love !!





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