Happy Dreams

It’s a bright sunny day today..
Not a single dark cloud floating above in a perfectly blue sky..
Sitting at my window, i can only see
A small part of the bright sky..

But i dream, i dream with my eyes open..
I dream of perfectly green fields..
I see flowers blurred together in a spectrum ofe colors..
I can hear children running happily..
Their laughter tearing the calmness of the day.

I dream of a sea beach somewhere far..
I see white crystal sand dotted with shells..
I can hear waves crashing on the shore..
Rising high up only to scatter and lose itself..

I dream of snow capped mountains..
I see firs and birches melting into green..
I hear birds chirping and brooks cutting through stones and a perfect silence..

I dream of a starry night..
I dream of dreams..
Dreams that wont be true..
Truth would be nothing like my dreams..
But the dreams..they don’t go away.


Where is Peace?

Oh!Don’t draw the curtains,

Don’t let the light in,

I would lie down a lil’ more
And be in my dreams.
Don’t drag me out,
the light blinds me.
I would rather embrace the dark,
where no one would find me.
Oh! put that noise down
lest it deafens me.
Give me some silence,
in peace let me be.
What is this crowd?
How can music be so loud?
Can I run away far,
so that I am no longer found?

In this big,bad world!

I hold on to my pillow tighter,
I curl up on my bed.
I do not want to wake up
and walk among the dead.

Dead is the world I tread
Dead are the people that i meet.
Dead are their emotions
Only crowded are the streets.

I get lost in a sea of faces
Each face wears a different mask.
Why can I not trust you
is a question I  always ask.

Dark is the world I live in,
Dark are the minds around me.
Dark are their thoughts
and I simply do not fit in.

Everyday is a war
Every moment a fight.
I will still hold on,
Till I find light.

( Also posted here http://chlorophyll-vicious.blogspot.in/2012/09/in-this-big-bad-world.html )

My Thoughts.

My Thoughts,

Take me where I know not .

My Mind

Races towards an unknown place.

My body ,

Seems to lag behind .

Stability of thoughts ,

I do not find.


I’m cold ,

I need a little warmth.

I’m beaten and battered,

Torn and tattered.

I need that healing touch

I need The kindness of words .


I ‘m just A restless soul,

An ignored entity.

I’ll be in thirst for love

Till eternity !!!


( Also posted here : http://chlorophyll-vicious.blogspot.in/2009/12/my-thoughts-take-me-where-i-know-not.html )


Hello WordPress

Hellow WordPress!!

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