Now when I look back..

Now when I look back

there are only calls unanswered,

texts not replied back to

and every attempt made

to hold on to you tighter

was heartlessly crushed.



I was a fool

I spun my dreams around you.

I was ignorant

of the obvious.

I was in love

and believed

things could be right.


Now when I look back

I laugh at my own thoughts.

Now when I look back

I judge my actions

and question my wisdom.

Now when I look back

I think how you never

looked back at me.


And it was a while after which

I finally put the pen down.

the pen that I believed

would write our story.

The ink had run dry

and my fingers were too tired.


Now when i look at you

I see you as lonely as ever,

your glistening with pain,

as sad as ever,

you’re like a small kid

trying hard to fit into the game.


Now I can no longer hold your hand

and hug you tight,

come close and whisper

everything is going to be alright.

But every now and then

I look at you from a distance

and whisper a prayer for you

and allow a sigh to fade away

into the silence.




In another world.

Let me run away
into the dark woods,
Let me stop for a while,
where the firs and
birches stood.

Let me sit down,
under a starlit sky.
Or lie down
on the greens,
where a river flows by,
let me hide in
the mountains or
with birds fly high.

Take me where the
chirps wake me up,
and the cool breeze
luls me to sleep.
I am far too tired and
the wounds run deep.

Cheers to YOU!

Its winter,
its chilly.
Lovers tug at each other
Child hugs mother ,

Sitting in a lonely corner ,
I say Cheers to YOU!

Festive mood,
Party time,
Food n wine,

Sitting in a quiet corner
I say Cheers to YOU!

Colourful ribbons,
Gift boxes,
Greeting cards,
Warm Wishes,

Sitting in a dark corner
I say Cheers To YOU!

Warm hugs,
Sensuous kisses,
Locking hands,
Feathery touches,

Sitting in some corner
I say cheers to YOU!

YOU ,my loneliness!



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Our Story.

To me
You’re like that big banyan tree,
giving me shade and shelter,
caressing me
with your cool breeze,
and loving me
with all your might!

To me
You’re like that big banyan tree.
To me
You are strength.
To me
You  are all powerful .
And so at times
when a passing wind
ruffles even a few of your leaves,
I shudder,I crouch
with an unknown fear.

To me
You’re  like that big banyan tree.
Many a passer by
has seen me sitting with you,
telling you my tales,
just as i would
to a friend of my age .
They have wondered
about our unique friendship ,
rumored ,
made little stories.
But we still sit together
chatting away ,
like two united souls,
‘cos to me
You’re like that big banyan tree.



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The Journey.

All I see around me 
is a blurring crowd, 
that only sends back
a deafening noise.

I wait for that
one face to brighten,
I wait for that 
one clear voice.

May be i take
the wrong roads,
May be I hold
the wrong hands,

But I would soon 
reach my destination,
I would soon 
find myself !


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I have befriended you
I have shared a lot..
I have been happy lately
And laughed at what not!

But ,

each time I take a step forward ,
I take two backward.

We have met  ,
We have smiled ,
We say “hello!”
And whisper in voices mellow!!

But still,

when I take a step forward ,
I take two backward.


You have taken care,
You have done my share.
You have complimented
And about a future together hinted !!


Yet ,

when I take a step forward,
I prefer to take two backward .


Some things are better left unsaid,
Some things are better incomplete.
Some questions have no answers
And some answers can never be made!!

And this is why ,
Everytime I take a step forward,
I always take two backward.
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