Happy Dreams

It’s a bright sunny day today..
Not a single dark cloud floating above in a perfectly blue sky..
Sitting at my window, i can only see
A small part of the bright sky..

But i dream, i dream with my eyes open..
I dream of perfectly green fields..
I see flowers blurred together in a spectrum ofe colors..
I can hear children running happily..
Their laughter tearing the calmness of the day.

I dream of a sea beach somewhere far..
I see white crystal sand dotted with shells..
I can hear waves crashing on the shore..
Rising high up only to scatter and lose itself..

I dream of snow capped mountains..
I see firs and birches melting into green..
I hear birds chirping and brooks cutting through stones and a perfect silence..

I dream of a starry night..
I dream of dreams..
Dreams that wont be true..
Truth would be nothing like my dreams..
But the dreams..they don’t go away.


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