Mama,I wanna come home.

Mama,I’m in love,

I feel alive again.

I smile for no reason

and sense a change

in my life’s season.



Mama, he is nice

I will tell you about him next time I’m home.



Mama,I’ll be with him soon,

This chance seems

so much like a boon.

I have made the perfect plan,

I want to be my best,

to God’s will I leave the rest.


Mama, I’m all excited,

I can’t wait to tell you all when I’m home.


Mama, we met

We embraced and made love

without a word being spoken.

My heart missed a beat,

when I looked up at him,

As I held him close and tight,

I wanted to stop time with

all my might.



Mama I’ve confused emotions now

I don’t know what to tell you when I’m home.



Mama, the walls are crouching on me,

the white crumpled sheets,

remind me of the day before.

I have nothing to do but to wait,

the curtains are huge but

they do not hide my shame.



Mama, I’m all bruised

And I just wanna come home.

Mama,Will you still let me in?


6 thoughts on “Mama,I wanna come home.

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