Its raining here..

As the clouds conspired
And the winds hurled up ,
As the trees swayed
And the dust blowed ,
As people rushed to safety
And lovers waited in anticipation…

I thought..

It would surely rain here …
Will it rain there as well??

As the skies poured down
And the winds lashed hard ,
As the drops drenched me
And the wind blew my hair ,
As umbrellas let go
And huge drops pricked my face ..

I wondered..

Its raining here ..
Is it raining there as well??

As I walk back home
Getting drenched in the rain
And I hear the music
That the drops have made
As my wet clothes outline my body
And my thoughts race
As fast as the wind

I ask myself ..

Its raining here …
Is it raining there as well ??

A hot shower , a cup of coffee
Wet hair and a towel wrap
I think of you
I know ,I think in vain
Lots of thoughts
And a bit of pain …
Couldn’t it be just me , you and the rain ?

I sighed ,

It had rained here …
Did it rain there as well ???

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In this big,bad world!

I hold on to my pillow tighter,
I curl up on my bed.
I do not want to wake up
and walk among the dead.

Dead is the world I tread
Dead are the people that i meet.
Dead are their emotions
Only crowded are the streets.

I get lost in a sea of faces
Each face wears a different mask.
Why can I not trust you
is a question I  always ask.

Dark is the world I live in,
Dark are the minds around me.
Dark are their thoughts
and I simply do not fit in.

Everyday is a war
Every moment a fight.
I will still hold on,
Till I find light.

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My Thoughts.

My Thoughts,

Take me where I know not .

My Mind

Races towards an unknown place.

My body ,

Seems to lag behind .

Stability of thoughts ,

I do not find.


I’m cold ,

I need a little warmth.

I’m beaten and battered,

Torn and tattered.

I need that healing touch

I need The kindness of words .


I ‘m just A restless soul,

An ignored entity.

I’ll be in thirst for love

Till eternity !!!


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Hello WordPress

Hellow WordPress!!

I am an ‘almost’ regular blogger here ->

I am not a poet but my thoughts, emotions and feelings rhyme themselves at times. I am here to just post my rhyming words.

I hope you have  a good time reading!

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